La exposición y Barcelona vista desde los ojos de Olimpia

Olimpia volvió el lunes a Milán y dibujó estas viñetas ilustrando su viaje a Barcelona y su expo en Duduá:

01: We left from Orio al Serio airport in the morning. The flight went good but Ale was scared anyway.
02: We arrived at the Gothic Hostel. They gave us two beds and some goodies.
03: Those were our beds. I love them since they reminded me of when i was in the boy scouts.
04: We immediately went to Duduà to say HI to Alicia e start setting up the exhibition.
05: Pins, hammers, bluetac and bla bla are necessaries to set up a show.
06: Took a pic of the whole situation in order to show it to my mom and friends when back.

01: About ten minutes before the show opening, i went to the supermarket to buy something to drink and plastic glasses. Previously we also bought some marshmallows.
02: Me and Alicia put everything on a little table.
03: Then i painted the door (no, wait, probably this was before going to the supermarket) with Uni Poscas.
04: Five minutes before the opening Ale showed up with a Dulche de Leche cake and two candles with 25 written on them. It was a real surprise and the cake was delicious.
05: Finally the opening! Thanks everybody for being there that night! It really meant a lot to me!
06: After the show we went to Sushi Ya to eat some good sushi with everybody.

01: After dinner we reached Anna at Nevermind (the club she works in) and we drank a couple of beers eating pop corn and peanuts. We didn't remember the fact that in Spain you can still smoke inside clubs and restaurants so i kept feeling like dying all the time. But we had a lot of fun.
02: That night i slept with Ale but he couldn't sleep cause i'm bigger than him and i steal his space.
03: The morning after we woke up, we hung out a little and then we slept a lot in the afternoon. Around 5 i took a shower and had a walk around while Ale was still sleeping.
04: We met Nuria and Rebeca for dinner. We went to this African Restaurant and we tried all the menu. It was amazing!!!
05: After dinner we took a cab to a club where Rebeca's boyfriend was about to play. His band plays Metal and they rock. But unfortunately i cant' remember their name now.
06: Back to sleep by myself.

01: After an entire day around me and Ale had a cup of hot mint tea under a moroccan tent before going out for dinner.
02: We met Myr, Nuria, Rebeca and David and we went to drink something and eat a slice of pizza at Pepe. We were sitting in a sort of a cave.
03: After the aperitif we went to eat something in this dirty cuban restaurant where we had some tostones (fried platans) with meat and fresh chees with avocado inside and rice with beans. Everything was delicious.
04: Back to sleep again.
05: The day after (the last one) we woke up really early and took a walk around. We went to La Boqueria (the market) again to look for a shop that sells insects to eat but we couldn't find it so we had some fruit and chocolate.
06: Then we went in front of the Macba to just relax a little bit and watch the guys skating.

01: Later we accidentally meet Anna and we went eating something with her in a super good place where i had a sandwich with feta, tomatoes, salad and honey. hmmm. Anna took us to her beautiful small room on the top of 110 steps. She made a glass fall and she had to clean the floor.
02: We went back to the hostel to take our luggages and then we took the metro to Arc de Triomf.
03: Then we took our bus to Girona. We slept for the entire trip and then we flew back to Milan. :(

Actually we made a lot more things (ate in a lot of other places, visited a lot of bookstores and shops, tasted pastries and good things, walked around so much, took pics around, saw the sea and bla bla bla) but i was too tired to draw everything. I really hope you'll enjoy this little diary!

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